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7 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager about Marketing Your Home

               The rental market has been ON FIRE the past 5 years. You could literally put a sign in the front yard and have applicants fighting to get the property in a few days. While the rental market is still great in Orlando, there are now more rental properties coming ...

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Why NOW Is The Best Time to Buy

When is the best time to buy a home? Well, Now!                 Unless you have been living in a cave, you know the housing market is long past the bottom and recovery is in full swing. In 2013 we logged some of the highest appreciation rates in years, and I expect we will c ...

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Property Management for the Out of State/Country Owner

  For non-local investors, I only recommend full service property management. They offer EVERYTHING you need to be a hands off investor, so you can just collect your rental income with at most an occasional call (during normal hours) to update you on how the house is doing. Plus, they only get paid when they collect rent, so their interests ar ...

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